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The 10 Best Commodore 64 Games of All Time

Ghosts N Goblins style background for Commodore 64

The Commodore 64, also known as C64, is an 8-bit home computer introduced in January 1982, and was one of the most popular home computers of the 1980s. In 1990, Commodore also introduced a cartridge-based dedicated gaming system known as Commodore 64 Games System (C64GS). Unfortunately, it was plagued by hardware problems.

From addictive arcade adventures to innovative platformers, many C64 titles became timeless classics. Join us as we explore the 10 Best Commodore 64 Games that captivated players and helped define the golden era of gaming.

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10. California Games

C64 California Games title screen

California Games is a sports compilation featuring various outdoor activities, including skateboarding, BMX, surfing, and more. The objective is to master each sport and achieve high scores.

With its laid-back atmosphere, fun gameplay, and multiplayer support, this title provided hours of entertainment and friendly competition on the Commodore 64.

9. Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

C64 Zack McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders title screen

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders is a point-and-click adventure game that follows the adventures of Zak and his companions as they unravel a mind-bending conspiracy. The objective is to solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and save the world from alien influence.

With its engaging story, humorous dialogue, and challenging puzzles, Zak McKracken offered a rich and immersive experience on the C64.

8. Wizball

C64 Wizball title screen

Wizball is a colorful and imaginative platform-shooter where players control a wizard who must restore color to a monochrome world. The objective is to collect paint drops while avoiding enemies and obstacles.

Wizball’s vibrant visuals, catchy music, and innovative gameplay mechanics made it stand out as a creative and highly enjoyable game.

7. Paradroid

C64 Paradroid title screen

Paradroid is a top-down shooter where players control a robot and must clear a spacecraft of rogue robots by engaging in strategic battles. The objective is to take control of each robot and eliminate the remaining threats.

With its unique blend of action and tactical gameplay, Paradroid offered a fresh and addictive experience that kept players hooked.

6. Pitstop II

C64 Pitstop II title screen

Pitstop II is a racing game that offers intense Formula 1-style action. Players compete against computer-controlled opponents or go head-to-head with a friend in split-screen multiplayer. The objective is to navigate the tracks, manage pit stops for refueling and tire changes, and cross the finish line first.

This title’s thrilling races, strategic pit stops, and multiplayer excitement made it a staple in the Commodore 64 racing genre.

5. The Last Ninja

C64 The Last Ninja title screen

The Last Ninja is an action-adventure game that immerses players in a ninja-themed world. Players control a ninja warrior and must overcome various obstacles, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies to save the kidnapped princess.

With its impressive graphics, atmospheric music, and engaging gameplay, The Last Ninja showcased the Commodore 64’s capabilities and became a fan-favorite.

4. Ghosts ‘n Goblins

C64 Ghosts N Goblins title screen

Ghosts ‘n Goblins is an action-platformer that follows the adventures of Sir Arthur as he battles hordes of supernatural creatures to rescue his beloved princess. Navigate through treacherous levels, defeat enemies, and reach the end to save the princess.

With its challenging gameplay, stunning visuals, and memorable soundtrack, Ghosts ‘n Goblins became a legendary title on the Commodore 64.

3. Summer Games II

C64 Summer Games II title screen

Summer Games II is a sports compilation that lets players compete in various Olympic events, including swimming, diving, gymnastics, and more. The objective is to master each event and earn the highest score possible.

With its multiplayer support and competitive gameplay, Summer Games II brought the thrill of the Olympics to the Commodore 64, making it a popular choice for multiplayer gaming sessions.

2. Impossible Mission

C64 Impossible Mission title screen

Impossible Mission is an action-adventure game where players assume the role of a secret agent infiltrating a mysterious enemy base. The objective is to collect pieces of a password while avoiding deadly traps and robots.

With its combination of platforming, puzzle-solving, and intense exploration, Impossible Mission provided hours of thrilling gameplay and remains a beloved Commodore 64 title.

1. Boulder Dash

C64 Boulder Dash title screen

Boulder Dash is a puzzle platformer that challenges players to navigate through a series of caves, collecting gems while avoiding falling boulders and enemies. See if you can clear each level by gathering all the gems before time runs out.

With its unique gameplay mechanics and challenging level design, this title became an instant hit.

Final Thoughts

The Commodore 64 introduced a generation of gamers to unforgettable experiences, and the 10 Best Commodore 64 Games showcased in this article are a testament to its enduring legacy. Whether you’re a seasoned retro gamer or a newcomer exploring gaming history, these titles are a must-play to truly appreciate the magic of the Commodore 64 era.

Ways you can enjoy Commodore 64 games today

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the classic games of the Commodore 64 but don’t have the original hardware, fear not! There are several ways to experience these retro gems on modern systems. Here are some popular methods for playing Commodore 64 games today.

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1. Emulators

Emulators are software programs that mimic the behavior of the Commodore 64 on your computer or gaming console. These emulators allow you to run original Commodore 64 game ROMs and play them just as you would on the original system. Popular emulators include VICE, CCS64, and Hoxs64.

2. Retro Gaming Consoles

Many retro gaming consoles, such as the Commodore 64 Mini, come pre-loaded with a selection of Commodore 64 games. These consoles often connect to your TV and provide an authentic gaming experience with classic controllers.

3. PC Ports

Some Commodore 64 games have been re-released for modern PC platforms, such as Steam or These versions are often optimized for current hardware and may include additional features like enhanced graphics or online multiplayer.

4. Online Platforms

Several online platforms offer browser-based Commodore 64 emulators that allow you to play games directly in your web browser. Websites like The Internet Archive’s Software Library or provide a vast collection of games that can be enjoyed without the need for any downloads.

5. Raspberry Pi

If you’re into do-it-yourself projects, you can create your own Commodore 64 emulator using a Raspberry Pi single-board computer. By following online guides and installing the appropriate software, you can transform your Raspberry Pi into a dedicated Commodore 64 gaming system.

Remember, when playing Commodore 64 games on modern systems, it’s important to respect copyright laws and only use legally obtained game ROMs.

The Commodore 64 left an indelible mark on gaming history, and these methods allow you to relive the nostalgia and enjoy the classic gameplay of this iconic system on your preferred platform today. So, grab your virtual joystick or controller and get ready to immerse yourself in the retro goodness of the Commodore 64 once again.

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