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A New 4K Nintendo 64 is Coming in 2024

Hardware company Analogue is creating a 4K Nintendo 64 console that can play all of your favorite original N64 cartridges without emulation. Claiming 100% compatibility with all regions, the Analogue 3D console is packed with features to make your favorite N64 games sing.

What We Know

Outside of the compatibility with old cartridges, the new Analogue 3D console supports 4K output and includes “Original Display Modes” that will recreate the feeling of playing on an old cathode ray television.

It comes with four controller ports but adds Bluetooth support for wireless controllers. Acclaimed retro controller maker 8BitDo will be releasing a new wireless controller alongside the Analogue console, making it ready to play out of the box with no original Nintendo 64 controllers necessary.

The Hype is Justified

Analogue is already known for its amazing console recreations for the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis (all sold out at the time of publish). All of their previous consoles also support playing the original cartridge games on modern screens. Most recently, Analogue released the Analogue Pocket, allowing gamers to play their favorite retro games on the go.

While the Nintendo 64 has been difficult to emulate (even for Nintendo themselves), the Analogue console includes some new tech called field-programmable gate array (FPGA). This tech allows the new console to essentially function like the original hardware.

This means no emulation and justifies their claim of 100% compatibility with all N64 cartridges.

Analogue 3D Release

Since this Analogue announcement is only a tease, many details, including the release date, are yet to be divulged. Founder Christopher Taber says that his team has been working on this console for the last three years and is aiming for a 2024 launch.

GamerKoala will be following the development and launch of the Analogue 3D, so be sure to check back!

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