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New Nitro Deck Brings Retro Charm to Your Nintendo Switch

How many of you think fondly back on the days of the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance in part because of the translucent plastic shell fad? If you’re anything like me, the nostalgia hits hard. As a child, seeing the inside of my devices felt like the coolest thing ever. But, as all fads do, translucent shells faded from production, and a cleaner, more minimalistic aesthetic took over.

But, thankfully, CRKD also knows the nostalgia is real. They are delivering a Crystal Collection series of Nitro Decks for Nintendo Switch. These translucent decks bring serious old-school charm to your modern-day handheld.


Features of the Nitro Deck

The best thing about the Nitro Deck is how it transforms the appearance of your Switch without requiring an expert hand to replace the shell. Unlike the shells for modding you may see for other consoles and handhelds, the Nitro Deck is built to plug and play.

The Nitro Deck is already a solid contender for a basic Joy-Con replacement based on its ergonomic design, pass-through charging, and display stand. But when you consider the advanced features, the Nitro Deck suddenly begins flirting with “must-have” territory for any serious or competitive Switch player.


Hall Effect thumbsticks reduce the chances of stick drift and feature swappable thumbstick toppers. This allows you to configure your sticks for the specific game you are playing. Re-mappable back buttons give you an edge, and the turbo function truly takes it to the next level.


If you’re unsure what Hall Effect thumbsticks are, the short answer is that they detect movement using magnets instead of friction. This means they do not suffer the same “wear and tear” that non-Hall Effect thumbsticks do.

And, of course, the Nitro Deck also supports the typical gyro functions and rumble. It can also be used as a standalone (or extra) controller if you are docked.

The Crystal Collection comes in four striking colors. The Orange Zest, the Crystal Pink, the Atomic Red, and the Emerald Green.

True Collection System

CRKD also features a slightly gimmicky, but still cool, True Collection System. This mobile app allows you to register and digitally prove your ownership. While registering hardware is not gimmicky, afterwards the mobile app reveals the “rarity rank” of your hardware. This is presumably based on the product number you end up with.

We can see the appeal for the collectors, but the Nitro Deck’s comfort and speed are the true features. In my opinion.

Available now for pre-order, these Nintendo Switch Crystal Collection Nitro Docks are estimated to begin delivering before the end of 2023. Retailing at $89.99, they also come with a handy carrying case.

We definitely recommend checking out CRKD’s site for more details. Happy retro gaming!

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