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‘Orange’ You Glad NYXI Delivered?

NYXI has officially launched their “Spice Orange” Wizard joy-pad for Switch. For diehard GameCube fans like ourselves, retro life couldn’t get much better.

Gamepad Internals Elevated

One of our favorite things about this NYXI Wizard joy-pad is that they aren’t just slick on the outside. So many gamepads end up design over function. Instead, these joy-pads are chock full of high-end internal components that make playing games a pleasure.

Their joysticks are guaranteed never to drift, and the traditional octagonal gates surrounding sticks are interchangeable. This means you can replace that telltale GameCube “clickiness” when rotating your sticks with a smoother, rounded feeling. It is truly a step up for gamers who were frustrated with those grooves affecting the precision of their joystick.


The shoulder triggers on the NYXI Wizard are mechanical and have a 0.3mm trigger distance. This makes them feel super responsive and satisfying to use.

On top of all that, the ABXY buttons have adjustable illumination. Every gamer who plays on multiple systems knows the frustration of remembering button names, right? Being able to glance down in any level of light (or lack thereof) to spot-check buttons is a major bonus.

Dual Mode Switch Gaming

It’s frustrating to find a controller that you love to use with the Switch while docked but then have to re-adjust to the traditional Joycons when gaming on the go. That’s why NYXI designed this controller to work in both modes. Like the Nintendo Joycons, you can connect the two ends of the controller to create a stand-alone gamepad. But you can also separate them and connect them directly to the Switch.

That means you can enjoy the same high-quality gamepad whether you’re playing docked or on the go.


Other Features

The NYXI Wizard also has some of the more standard gamepad features, including Bluetooth wireless connectivity, adjustable vibration, gyro capabilities, and a turbo function.

Despite the obvious attention to design and execution, the NYXI Wizard is similarly priced to other gamepads at just $69.99 (with an optional carrying case available for $32.99).

Overall, we are impressed with the NYXI Wizard Controller, and the new Spice Orange variety is strikingly retro.

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