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The 20 Best Pokémon Fire Red Cheat Codes

Charizard and the Pokémon Fire Red Game Boy Advanced cover

For all the Trainers out there who need a little help or just want to make their gameplay breezier, let’s explore the top 20 Pokémon Fire Red cheat codes!

Get ready to enhance your Pokémon Fire Red experience!

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1. Infinite Money

Cheat Code: 82025838104E

With this cheat, you’ll have an endless supply of money to purchase items, Poké Balls, and TMs. Easily one of the most essential Pokémon Fire Red cheat codes around.

2. Rare Candy x99

Cheat Code: 820258400044

Gain 99 Rare Candies, allowing you to level up your Pokémon and boost their stats instantly.

3. Master Ball in PC

Cheat Code: 820258400001

Find a Master Ball waiting for you in the PC, ensuring a guaranteed catch of any Pokémon.

4. Unlimited PP

Cheat Code: 82023D500044

Your Pokémon’s moves will have infinite Power Points (PP), removing the need for PP-restoring items.

5. Walk Through Walls

Cheat Code: 509197D3 542975F4

Unlock the ability to pass through walls and explore normally inaccessible areas. Be cautious, as this Pokémon Fire Red cheat code can sometimes freeze your game in certain areas.

6. Shiny Pokémon Encounter

Cheat Code: 1670047D 04815C68

Increase the likelihood of encountering shiny Pokémon, which have unique colors and are highly sought after.

7. Infinite Exp

Cheat Code: 82000060270F

Grant your Pokémon unlimited experience points, allowing them to level up rapidly.

8. No Random Encounters

Cheat Code: 820255AC 0000

Disable random wild Pokémon encounters, which gives you more control over when and where you battle.

9. Rare Pokémon Encounter

Cheat Code: 820038840001

Encounter rare Pokémon more frequently in the wild, increasing your chances of adding them to your team.

10. Teleport to Desired Location

Cheat Code: 82031DBC 2402

Instantly teleport to any desired location on the map, saving time and facilitating exploration.

11. Catch Opponent’s Pokémon

Cheat Code: 82027A95104C 82027A970001

Catch the opponent’s Pokémon during battles and add them to your team. Use with caution, as this can lead to unbalanced gameplay.

12. 100% Catch Rate

Cheat Code: 87ACF659 707466DC

Ensure a guaranteed capture of any wild Pokémon encountered.

13. Fast Egg Hatch

Cheat Code: 3202461F 00BF

Speed up the hatching process of Pokémon eggs, allowing you to obtain new Pokémon more quickly.

14. Max Stats

Cheat Code: 830050000000

Maximize all of your Pokémon’s stats, making them formidable opponents in battles.

15. Infinite Safari Zone Time

Cheat Code: 82031DBC 2402

Have unlimited time to explore the Safari Zone without any restrictions.

16. Quick Level Up

Cheat Code: 74000130027D 7300218C0001 82023D501388

Accelerate the leveling process for your Pokémon, enabling them to become stronger at a faster rate.

17. Wild Pokémon Modifier

Cheat Code: 83007CEE XXXX

Replace “XXXX” with the National Dex number of the desired Pokémon to encounter it in the wild.

18. Max Money

Cheat Code: 82025838104E 8202583AE971

Acquire the maximum amount of money in your inventory.

19. All Badges

Cheat Code: 8202658CFFFF

Obtain all Gym Badges instantly, unlocking new areas and allowing you to challenge the Elite Four.

20. Unlock National Dex

Cheat Code: 3202461F 00B9

Unlock the National Dex, expanding your Pokédex to include Pokémon from different regions.

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