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10 Unique Gift Ideas for the Retro Gaming Enthusiast In Your Life

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If you have a Millennial or Gen-X aged gaming enthusiast in your life, these retro gifts are sure to bring a wave of nostalgia to their holiday and put a smile on their face!

From mini handheld gaming systems to clothing accessories or game room deco, we’ve done the hard for for you. All of these items are highly-rated and available on for easy shopping. Enjoy, and happy holidays from the Gamer Koala crew!

8bitdo Retro Mechanical Keyboard with Buttons

One of my personal favorites, the new 8bitdo Retro Mechanical Keyboard is a fantastically retro-looking high-quality mechanical keyboard. The two big red programmable buttons are the cherry on top! Trust me when I say they are satisfying to slam and work great as “Oh %^&%!” buttons for any game you may be playing.

The keyboard can connect via Bluetooth, USB wireless adapter (included), or USB-C cable. The battery lasts for weeks with frequent use.

8bitdo Retro Keyboard

Super Mario Socks

These durable and officially licensed Super Mario socks come in a three pack featuring three unique designs.

What else can we say? These are socks. Really cool socks. If someone in your life enjoys gaming and likes fun socks, then this is an easy gift or stocking stuffer to grab.

Retro Handheld Game Console

This highly-rated retro handheld system is very reasonably priced and comes preloaded with tons of retro games to enjoy. It also comes fully loaded with accessories, meaning you can get into the games right away.

There are a lot of retro consoles available on Amazon, but we liked this one because of the glowing user reviews and the completeness of the package. It’s available in four colors (black, grey, purple, and white) and is compact enough to take anywhere!

Arcade Light Up Keychain

For those who spent hours upon hours in the arcade, this keychain is sure to bring a smile to their face! At 2-inches tall and 3.2 ounces, this diecast keychain is 1:1 scale and built to last. Is it too big for pockets? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still make a fun piece of decoration or even an ornament for this season’s holiday tree!

When you push the coin return button, it will light up for 10 seconds. The LED functionality is powered by a standard replaceable watch battery.

Retro Fidget Toy

Fidget toys are still all the rage and this classic gamepad version will provide all the fidgety relief that anyone could possibly ask for. The body is made from rubberized plastic and has 8 fidget functions. Some of the buttons click and others are silent, so you can fidget anywhere without disturbing others.

It’s a perfect stocking stuffer and stress reliever.

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Kit

For the serious LEGO enthusiasts only, this set features a retro television that stands 8” tall and 9” wide along with a classic NES console. Believe it or not, this thing is interactive. There is a handle-operated scrolling system that will have Mario reacting to on-screen enemies, obstacles, and power ups! Pretty incredible.

At over 2,600 pieces, this LEGO set is recommended for builders over 18 years of age. This isn’t a cheap LEGO set (are there any?), but it’s a great gift for the hardcore builders in your life.

Pac-Man Game Room Light

This is a great gift to be used as deco in game rooms, man caves, or bedrooms. It’s an 8” mood light powered by USB that can light up in 16 different colors (or phase shift between them).

Overall, it’s a cute lamp that will add a splash of colored light to any environment that a gamer may want to relax in.

Pac-Man Leggings

Staying on the Pac-Man train for a moment, these fashionable leggings are a great gift for the geek in your life! Made of polyester and spandex, these leggings are soft, smooth and fade resistant!

Vintage Mario T-Shirt

Easily the coolest Super Mario Bros t-shirt I’ve ever seen, this vintage style shirt comes in multiple colors and sizes, making it perfect for literally any gamer!

Bring on the nostalgia with this officially licensed machine wash friendly t-shirt.

NES Drink Coasters

Every game room needs a place to put your drinks, and these super cool NES drink coasters are sure to delight. They come in the shape of classic NES cartridges and feature some of the most popular games like Super Mario, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda and more!

I bought these on a whim and they have proven to be sturdy and long-lasting coasters. They have also gotten a lot of compliments from visitors. These are inexpensive enough to be suitable as a gift for any gamer in your life.

Nitro Deck for Switch

This highly rated accessory for the Nintendo Switch brings a lot more comfort for Switch gamers with adult sized hands. You simply slide the Switch body into this device and the USB connection takes it from there!

It’s compatible with the gyro function, has rumble support, and features pass-through charging since you are using the Switch’s USB port for a zero-lag connection to the dock. There are two remappable buttons on the back on the dock and it features a stand as well so you can prop the Switch up and use a wireless gamepad with it.

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