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Valheim Console Cheats to Unleash Your Viking Power

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In the genre of survival base-building games, Valheim picked up a ton of juice when it was released in early access back in 2021. Since then, the developers have continued to add new features and regions to the game and have released on PC Game Pass and Xbox.

This guide is for PC players, no matter if you use Steam or PC Game Pass, and can help you get through some of the tougher areas in the game (looking at you, Mistlands!). But also, it can just be fun to experiment with these superpowers to fool around! We’re not judging either way.

So, let’s get into some Valheim cheats, starting with how to activate them.

How to Activate Valheim Console Cheats on the Steam Version

This is the easiest way to activate cheats for Valheim.

  1. In your Steam Library, right-click on Valheim
  2. Select Properties from the drop-down list
  3. Find the Launch Options field in the General tab
  4. Type -console
  5. Close the tab and play!

How to Activate Valheim Console Cheats on the PC Game Pass Version

While not as simple as the Steam version, you can still activate the console on the PC Game Pass version of Valheim.

  1. Find Valheim’s installation folder (by default, “C:\XboxGames\Valheim\Content”
  2. Right-click on Valheim.exe in that folder and create a shortcut to your Desktop
  3. Right-click on the new shortcut and select Properties
  4. Type -console at the end of the Target field
  5. Click Apply, then OK, and then launch the game using the shortcut

Singleplayer Valheim Cheat Codes

These cheats will only work in the singleplayer game mode. If you are looking for multiplayer cheats, you’ll need to be a server admin. Those cheat commands are listed further down.

When you’re in the singplayer game mode, press F5 to open the console. Type in the following command to enable cheats: devcommands. To disable cheats, do the same thing to toggle them off.

General Cheats

  • god – God mode (no damage).
  • heal – Heal up to max health.
  • puke – Gross, but it removes food effects and resets health and stamina.
  • freefly – You’re as free as a bird now.
  • killall – Nearby enemies die instantly.
  • tame – Nearby creatures will be tamed instantly.
  • removedrops – Quickly trash all drops in the immediate area.
  • ghost – The ultimate stealth mode. Enemies ignore you.
  • tod  Sets the game’s time (0 is midnight, .5 is noon)

Character & Difficulty Cheats

  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] – Pick a skill and an amount to raise it.
  • resetcharacter – Resets your character completely.
  • save – Save the current world state of Valheim at any moment.
  • players [nr] – Update the difficulty. 0 resets it to default.
  • hair – Permanently lose your hair.
  • beard – Permanently shave that beard.
  • model 0 – Force character to use the masculine body type.
  • model 1 – Force character to use the feminine body type.

Map and Movement Cheats

  • exploremap – No more “fog” on your map. All is revealed!
  • resetmap – Want to bring back that mystery? Removes explored areas.
  • pos – Displays your current coordinates.
  • goto [x,z] – Pick some coordinates and teleport there.
  • location – Set your spawn location to the current location.

Event Cheats

  • event [name] – Begin a named event.
  • stopevent – End the current event.
  • randomevent – Begin a random event.

Wind Cheats

  • wind [angle][intensity] – Change the direction and intensity of the wind.
  • resetwind – Reset the wind back to its default behavior.

“Creative Mode” Valheim Cheat Codes (Debug Mode)

You can also enter a debug mode in singleplayer, making building much easier. Just fly around and never worry about resources or setting up workbenches! Never worry about not stockpiling enough ore again.

  • debugmode – Begins creative mode (do this again to toggle)
  • B – Toggles creative building mode, meaning no resources or workbenches required.
  • Z – Toggles fly mode. Press the Space bar to fly up and the Ctrl button to come back down.
  • K – Tap this to kill any enemies or creatures that are nearby.

Multiplayer Admin Commands

If you are an admin on a server, you can use the console to trigger the following commands.

  • help – Print all available server commands
  • kick [name/IP address/userID] – Remove a player from your server
  • ban [name/IP address/userID] – Prevent a player from joining your server
  • unban [name/IP address/userID] – Feeling merciful? Unban named player.
  • banned – Show a list of all you’ve crushed with the ban hammer.
  • ping – Display your ping (latency) to the server
  • lodbias [1-5] – Increase or decrease draw distance on your server.
  • info – Display current system info.

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