Gamer Koala

Editorial Guidelines and Ethics

Last Updated January 2024


GamerKoala will never publish personal attacks against individuals or companies. We are committed to putting our readers first and only publishing articles and content that we believe they will find enlightening, entertaining, or educational.

Review Policy

GamerKoala does not score game reviews in the traditional manner. Instead, writers summarize their impressions and experiences in the game and determine whether they would recommend it to our readers. These determinations are independent and are not influenced by the developers or publishers.

With early access game releases and large content/feature patches becoming more common, GamerKoala may revise and/or re-review games after publishing. This will be done with full transparency to the reader, and we will explain why the game review is being revised or rewritten.

The GamerKoala writing staff and editorial team will never accept gifts of any kind to ensure a positive or negative recommendation. If a copy of a game was provided to us at no charge, we will disclose that information in the review.

Spoiler Policy

For companies we write about, we will always respect and honor embargoes and never publish spoilers of any kind until we have permission to do so.

For readers, we will always include a spoiler warning for recent games or media. The only exception to this rule is our retro-gaming content, where spoilers have become common knowledge over the years.

Corrections Policy

GamerKoala strives to be an accurate source of information and is committed to correcting any inaccuracies brought to our attention. Please use our Contact Form if you find any factual inaccuracies so they can be swiftly addressed.

Product Samples

Companies who send products, whether physical or digital, do so with the understanding that no preconditions will be attached. GamerKoala does not agree to publish any information or reviews about a product simply because it was sent to us. GamerKoala determines independently which games and products are brought to the attention of our readers, and that determination is made internally with no outside influence.

Parent Company

GamerKoala is owned and operated by Castaway Studios, a digital publishing network that strives to produce engaging and unique content about a variety of topics and verticals. This means that GamerKoala staff may also write, produce, or manage content for other sites in the Castaway network. If this arrangement creates a conflict of interest between a specific piece of content at GamerKoala and another entity, that information will be clearly disclosed to our readers.