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10 Games Where High Score Matters Most

These ten amazing video games share one main thing in common. Yes, they’re all addictive, and yes, many pioneered gameplay that launched a genre… But the singular thread these games have in common is the quest for the high score. Truly the grail of the arcade gamer!

10. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

This 2010 video game is deceptively simple. In Fruit Ninja, players swipe with their fingers to wield a katana sword and must slice fruit thrown into the air. You can also swipe multiple fruits at once. But if you accidentally strike a bomb, it’s round over. It’s available on multiple platforms, mobile, and multiplayer.

9. Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution

First released in 1998, the Dance Dance Revolution series pioneered the rhythm and dance genre in video games. Now on consoles, it started as a massive hit at arcades. Players stand on a “dance platform” and have to watch colored arrows laid out in a cross and hit them with their feet in time and to the beat.

8. Geometry Wars

Geometry Wars

Born as a minigame in Project Gotham Racing 2 for Xbox, the Geometry Wars series are top-down multi-directional shooter video games. Essentially, it resurrected the classic formula from games like Asteroids and made it a thing again. Players must navigate the ship across the square grid while blasting an ever-increasing swarm of enemies in all directions.

7. Galaga


Released in arcades in 1981, and now on practically every console, Galaga is a fixed shooter where players control a starship. Players must destroy the Galaga in each stage, while avoiding projectiles and enemies, and not losing your ship to a tractor beam. Decades later, Galaga’s still challenging and fun.

6. Temple Run

Temple Run
Imangi Studios

This series made its debut in 2011. In this 3D endless running game, the player controls a character with a perspective that shows the view behind the character’s back. While running, the character tries to collect coins and avoid obstacles. Temple Run is fast-paced, challenging, and highly addictive.

5. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Making its debut in arcades in 1981, this Nintendo classic introduced its most iconic characters, Donkey Kong and Mario (originally Jumpman). Although the second platform game in history, it established the template and was the first to feature jumping. Donkey Kong was the most complex arcade game of its time.

4. Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero launched the plastic axe in 2005, turning music-loving gamers into more than air-guitar wannabes. Players use the guitar-shaped controller to match notes scrolling on-screen with colored fret buttons. It even has a whammy bar. Players score points while playing rhythm, bass, or lead guitar to covers of popular rock, metal, and punk songs.

3. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Released in 2000, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 went totally vert with this shredding sequel that had players stoked. It’s a near-perfect game. Players can put together a nearly endless string of tricks. Forget beating the missions, it’s way more gnarly to pull off a steezy combo and be a ripper with the top score.

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2. Ms. Pacman

Ms Pac-Man

Pac-Man is the most famous arcade game ever created, and its 1982 sequel Ms. Pac-Man drew praise for its improvements and female protagonist. It’s better in nearly every way. The game added additional maps, warp tunnels, and different ghost patterns. It’s way more challenging overall.

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1. Tetris


Created in 1985, the pioneering puzzle game Tetris is considered one of the greatest video games ever made. That’s attested to by its slew of imitators. It’s available on 65 platforms and is one of the best-selling games of all time. Its gameplay is addictive and there’s incredible satisfaction in racking up a high score.

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