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10 Mobile Games That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

There are some great classic video games available for mobile devices that will let you take a trip down memory lane without having to turn on (or even own) a video game console!

Whether you’re trying to kill time during a commute or just enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon, here are 10 classic retro games you can play on your mobile device right now!

10. Solitaire

Solitaire mobile game
Kosmos Games

Solitaire is one of the most well-known card games in the world, and a digital version has been included with Windows since 1990. All kinds of mobile versions of classic Solitaire exist today. There are also endless variations on the game such as such as Spider, Pyramid, FreeCell, and Yukon Solitaire.

9. Minesweeper

Minesweeper Mobile

Another game popularized by its inclusions with Windows software is Minesweeper. This logic puzzle game challenges players to open cells in a grid without clicking on a mine. The selected cells reveal numbers that hint at the number of bombs surrounding the cells. Minesweeper clones with similar aesthetics and modern updates are available on iOS and Android.

8. Pac-Man

Pac-Man Mobile Game
Bandai Namco

Pac-Man fever has never died down since the game first appeared in arcades in 1980 and became a cultural phenomenon. In addition to the classic version, there are new variations and modern twists to its original gameplay. Versions of Pac-Man are available for iOS and Android, and probably any device that plays games.

7. Galaga

Galaga Mobile
Bandai Namco

Another classic from the golden era of arcade games is Galaga. Today’s mobile versions are based on this 1981 fixed shooter game set in space. From the bottom of the screen, players shoot at formations of alien invaders that descend from the top. Incredibly simple, but irresistibly addictive.

6. Tetris

Tetris Mobile
Play Studios

Considered one of the greatest video games of all time, the 1985 puzzle game Tetris is both highly influential and highly imitated. Players must stack differently-shaped pieces (tetrominoes) to complete rows of blocks. For players who love Tetris’ classic gameplay, today’s mobile versions remain faithful.

5. Streets of Rage 2 Classic

Streets of Rage 2 Classic

Streets of Rage 2 Classic is a 1992 side-scrolling beat ’em up game originally for Sega, but now on mobile. One or two players fight against a wave of enemies, picking up weapons along the way. The mobile version has all the fun of the original. Best of all – it’s free.

4. Another World

Another World Mobile Game

Originally published as Out of This World in North America, 1991’s Another World is a cinematic platform action-adventure game. It was a pioneering classic of the genre. You play as a scientist on an alien planet who is figuring out how to survive. This immersive game is just as compelling on mobile.


Doom 1993
Id Software

While not the first FPS game, 1993’s DOOM is certainly the most influential. It cemented the genre. Over the years, there have been different mobile versions of DOOM, some great, some faithful, some not the best. Nonetheless, DOOM is among the greatest video games of all time and is a must-play.

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2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Mobile

The 1997 action RPG Castlevania: Symphony of the Night became a word-of-mouth sleeper hit and has developed a cult following. Its atmospheric and immersive gameplay, visuals, and soundtrack are incredible. The mobile version is equally satisfying. Get ready for a captivating, otherworldly experience as you investigate Dracula’s castle.

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1. Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi mobile game

Crazy Taxi is an astoundingly addictive racing game, first released in arcades in 1999. Players pick up passengers and drive them to their destination as quickly as possible. That’s where the chaos and fun begin with intense stunt driving. This is a must-try. Best of all, the mobile version of Crazy Taxi Classic is free.

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