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The Best Digital Pets for Kids

Anyone who’s a child of the ’90s may have grown up with a digital pet of their own. Who can forget the Furby? Or the Tamagotchi “egg watch?” Luckily, there are digital pets for a whole new generation.

Thirty years forward into the present, virtual pets have come a long way. Today’s digital pets are smarter and more interactive and engaging than ever. Here are the 9 best digital pets for kids today.

9. Tamagotchi Original

Tamagotchi Original

The Tamagotchi Original is a revamped version of the classic from the 90s that brings a similar experience in a more affordable interactive pet. They come in a variety of brightly colored portable egg-shaped designs.

The Tamagotchi Original comes on a handy chain that allows kids to attach it to their bag or keys for nurturing on-the-go. Kids must look after their digital pets by feeding, cleaning up after, playing with, nurturing, disciplining, and putting them to bed. 

8. Curlimals Flutter Wonders Bella Bear

Curlimals Flutter Wonders
Curlimals Toys

The extremely cute Curlimals Flutter Wonders Bella Bear has some of the best lights and sounds of interactive pets available. Their responses are super cute, their soft fur is pleasant to the touch, and the toy curls into a ball when sleeping or resting.

Curlimals Flutter Wonders Bella Bear is a perfect companion for children aged three and above. This interactive pet encourages nurturing behaviors, providing over 100 sounds and reactions that unlock the more the child plays with their pet.

7. Bitzee Interactive Toy Digital Pet

Bitzee Interactive Toy Digital Pet

From the makers of Hatchimals comes the Bitzee Interactive Toy Digital Pet which takes interactive pets to a new level. It’s one of the best interactive pets at reacting to touch. Kids can touch, pet, and stroke the 3D holographic characters.

There are 15 Bitzee Digital Pets to collect, some rare such as butterflies and unicorns. With the right care, Bitzee pets reveal an interactive mini-game. Recommended for kids aged 5 and above.

6. Zuru Pets Alive Smitten Kittens

Pets Alive Smitten Kitten

Zuru Pets Alive Smitten Kittens are fine right from the minute you open the brightly colored “ball of wool” they come packaged in. There are eight different furry kittens available, including a rare rainbow kitty, with huge sparkly eyes and super soft lifelike fur.

Smitten Kittens also comes with a sheet of sparkly kitten stickers, kinetic sand ‘kitty litter’ compound, and a miniature milk bottle for feeding. The kitties make 10 different sounds and reactions from mews and meows to cat singing.

5. Zuru Pets Alive Pooping Puppies

Pets Alive Pooping Puppies

Combining learning that brings a little through toilet humor, Zuru Pets Alive Pooping Puppies is a fun interactive toy. The puppies make entertaining gassy noises and leave poop without the mess and smell of the real thing.

Pooping Puppies come in a poop-shaped box that comes with a soft plush puppy, a nappy, a sheet of poop stickers, three puppy bones, and a poop certificate. The puppies make numerous sounds such as bark, whine, woof, gas, strain, and splat.

4. Baby Paws

Baby Paws

If you’re looking for the best digital pet for preschoolers, then Baby Paws is the perfect fit. It’s an easy way to teach young children how to care for pets and animals. The actions are simple.

Baby Paws come as plush, cuddly puppies. They’re available in three designs: Dalmatian, cocker spaniel, and Husky. The pups have cute, large, sparkly eyes and super soft fur perfect for petting.

3. Robo Alive Dino Wars Mega Rex

Robo Alive Dino Wars Mega Rex

The Robo Alive Dino Wars Mega Rex is one of the largest interactive toys available. This giant robotic T Rex makes realistic movements and lifelike sounds, with authentic dinosaur stomping and tail flicking.

The Robo Alive Dino Wars Mega Rex offers interactive, rather than nurturing, play. Even though it’s large, it’s well-suited to indoor play. One thing kids will love the most is the secret slime pack.

2. Furby Interactive Toy

Furby Interactive Toy

One of the most popular digital pets of the ’90s is back and better than ever. The Furby Interactive Toy has been given a child-friendly makeover and is now a little brighter and fluffier.

Activated using the Heart button and a basic “hey Furby” command, children can choose from several play modes including Dance Party, Light Show, Copycat, Let’s Chill, and Tell My Fortune.

1. Tamagotchi Uni

Tamagochi Uni

The Tamagotchi Uni (short for universe) is the most advanced digital pet Bandai has ever created. Once the egg hatches, children are responsible for feeding, playing with, and keeping their Tama entertained, as well as monitoring their health.

The Tamagotchi Uni has more interactive features than ever before, and it’s the first Tamagotchi with a full-color screen. It provides a captivating interactive experience, and kids can link up with other Tamagotchi users online with the Tamaverse.

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