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9 Fantastic Co-Op Cozy Games for Couples

The cozy game genre has been having a moment for some time now, but it’s not hard to understand why.

There are plenty of video games out there ready and willing to test your reaction time, your puzzle solving skills, or just your patience. Soul-crushingly difficult games certainly have their place, and we enjoy them as much as the next gamer, but what if you just want to unwind?

Personally, I love a good co-op cozy game. My wife and I are both gamers and playing together comes as naturally to us as movie night or date night. There’s nothing like time spent gaming together… It’s truly one of our favorite things.

So let’s look at some of the best cozy games for couples to scratch that warm and fuzzy gaming itch with your boo.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Screenshot from Animal Crossing New Horizon

If you are a Switch family, then Animal Crossing: New Horizons is definitely a cozy game for couples that should be on your list. In this game, you’ll choose a cute animal avatar and begin building your own personal island getaway. You’ll start with a deserted island and eventually build up your own community from scratch.

Customization is key here. You can customize your character, home, and landscape! Collect materials to build furniture, tools and more. Decorate to your heart’s content! Along the way, you’ll get to know the island’s residents as seasons change to match what’s happening in real life.

This is a great game for parallel play as you and your partner build your own islands, but you can visit one another in-game at any time. If you have kids, it gets even better! You can play on the same system or together online (the better way) with up to 8 people.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Screenshot from Sackboy: A Big Adventure
Sumo Digital / Sony

What’s not to love about Sackboy? This adorable PlayStation icon is back in a new adventure for PlayStation and PC, with super fun co-op for you and your favorite person to experience together.

In Sackboy: A Big Adventure, you’ll explore Craftworld together as you work together to overcome various challenges. The goal is to defeat Vex, who has kidnapped Sackboy’s family and friends. They’re being forced to build a device that will transform the beautiful Craftworld into a nightmare hellscape!

You’ll play through a bunch of really pretty environments along your journey. Snowy mountains, green jungles, underwater realms, and even space! Some levels are built for co-op play only, meaning you’ll absolutely have to work together to overcome their challenges.

It Takes Two

Screenshot from It Takes Two
Hazelight Studios / EA

Available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, It Takes Two is a game specifically designed for co-op only play. No single players here… You’ll need your partner to win this game.

The story of It Takes Two revolves around Cody and May, a couple on the brink of divorce, who suddenly find themselves magically transformed into two dolls. To regain their human forms and repair their broken relationship, they must navigate an ever-changing world filled with challenges and surprises.

There are plenty of light-hearted moments, but It Takes Two truly delves into the complexities of relationships and the importance of communication and understanding. Cody and May are not always kind to one another, which means that this game may not fit every couple’s date night desires, but trust me when I say the pay off is strong.


A screenshot from Haven
The Game Bakers

Set in a beautifully rendered and alien landscape, Haven follows the story of two lovers, Yu and Kay, who have escaped to an isolated planet to be together. They must navigate their new life, exploring the vibrant, floating islands that make up their new home, all while managing their relationship and overcoming various challenges.

As Yu and Kay, you’ll explore, solve puzzles, and fight together. Teamwork and communication is essential, but the game’s engaging narrative stays centered on the couple. Your emotional connection to these characters will grow as the game reveals more backstory. And if you’re worried about difficult combat, don’t be. It’s very approachable and light-hearted.

The relaxing atmosphere, soothing soundtrack, and visuals make it a great way to spend time together. The world of Haven is filled with hidden secrets, wildlife, and fascinating flora. There’s a genuine sense of curiosity that Haven encourages, and we think it’s a great game for couples.


Screenshot from Minecraft
Microsoft Games

What’s not to love about Minecraft? This legendary title is still kicking, still getting updates, and still a joy to play. The sandbox nature of Minecraft gives it an almost infinite appeal. While there isn’t a story, Minecraft definitely ticks every box for a solid cozy game for couples.

While there are survival and more hardcore modes of playing, you can also choose to play together in creative mode and just focus on building and exploring. You’re able to host your own server and build whatever your heart’s desire, sharing the experience with anyone else that you’d like to invite.

The procedural generation of the world ensure near infinite replayability. No two experiences in Minecraft will be alike. If you and your partner enjoy building and crafting, it’s hard to beat the creative flexibility of Minecraft.

Unravel Two

Screenshot from Unravel Two
Coldwood Interactive / EA

Unravel Two is a delightful and heartwarming cooperative puzzle-platformer video available on every major platform. In this sequel to the original Unravel, players control two adorable yarn creatures, Yarny and Yarny’s new friend, as they embark on an cute and enchanting adventure through a beautifully designed world filled with intricate puzzles and challenges.

What makes Unravel Two particularly special is its emphasis on cooperative gameplay. Players must work together seamlessly to overcome obstacles, swing across gaps, and unravel the game’s beautifully woven narrative. The gentle learning curve ensures that even non-gamers can enjoy the experience, making it accessible and enjoyable for couples of all gaming backgrounds.

The Survivalists

Screenshot from The Survivalists
Team17 / Mouldy Toof Studios

It’s time for some monkey business! The Survivalists is an fun pixel-style cooperative survival game that is available on all major platforms. In this game, players find themselves stranded on a deserted island, where they must work together to gather resources, build shelters, and craft tools in order to survive. And yes, you can train monkeys. What more could you possibly want from a cozy game for couples?

The game’s charming pixel art style, quirky characters, and lighthearted tone contribute to its cozy and approachable atmosphere, making it a fantastic choice for couples looking to embark on a co-op adventure together. The simple mechanics and accessible gameplay make it suitable for gamers of all skill levels, ensuring that both experienced and casual players can enjoy the experience.


Screenshot from Palia
Singularity 6

If MMOs are your thing, then the upcoming Palia should be at the very top of your list. This cozy life-simulator game puts the traditional emphasis on combat aside, and instead focuses on crafting, farming, collecting and building. There are also life-sim features like the ability to woo and date village NPCs (who are apparently cool with polyamory and will date many players at once).

It’s a perfect game for parallel play, not only with your significant other, but also with other players running around the fantasy world that the game takes place in. The game is still in beta as of this writing and will be available for PC. There is a cash shop in-game, so if that’s a deal breaker for you, then you may want to pass.

Overall, Palia is looking somewhat like a cozy version of Conan Exiles and I am extremely excited about this one.

Stardew Valley

Screenshot from Stardew Valley

The crème de la crème of cozy games for couples, Stardew Valley added multiplayer features sometime back. Available on every major platform, this gem is reasonably priced and easy to jump into. Essentially, it is a farming simulation game where players inherit a run-down farm in a peaceful town and are tasked with restoring it to its former glory.

You’ll be planting crops, raising animals, mining for resources, fishing and building relationships with the townsfolk. In multiplayer mode, you can work together to take care of your virtual homestead. The open ended nature of the game allows you to choose how you want to spend your time in Pelican Town. It’s truly a lovely escape for couples.