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10 Hilarious (And Sometimes Naughty) Board Games

These 10 board games are fun, challenging, and good for laughs. Below, you’ll find something for everyone: family-friendly games, the sometimes naughty, and risqué adult fare. Most of all, they’re all hilarious.

10. Monikers


Monikers is a highly entertaining board game that’s easy to learn and play. The jokes are mature and veer toward adult players. The objective involves describing and imitating well-known people. Initially, a few clues can be given with words. But in the last round, players must rely only on their silent (pantomime) acting skills. The results are always hilarious!

9. Don’t Get Got!

Don't Get Got!

Don’t Get Got! is perfect for parties, as it’s easy to play and learn. It can be played in the background, as players must mingle with others. Players go on up to 6 hilarious secret missions that must be completed in the fastest way possible. For example, complementing someone’s dress, or making them do something silly without getting caught.

8. Snake Oil

Snake Oil

Perfect for kids and adults alike, Snake Oil is a fun party board game with a feel like vintage games, while introducing something new. Players are either shady snake oil sellers or skeptical customers. The sellers try to pitch and sell the weird and questionable products assigned to them. The player who sells the most products wins.

7. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a provocative game for adult groups that love to laugh. The rounds are fast-paced. It’s an icebreaker. You’ll definitely gain some insight into those around you! It’s hilarious for people who don’t shy away from difficult ideas and conversations. It could be uncomfortable for more sensitive types though.

6. Moose Master

Moose Master

People who love funny video games will enjoy Moose Master, a family-friendly game that’s perfect for gatherings. Comedy is guaranteed as the objective is to try to outsmart the other players and try to make everyone laugh the hardest. The various cards affect gameplay differently. While it can be complex, it’s easy to learn for kids and beginners.

5. Spoof


Spoof is a hilarious party game that’s family-friendly. The hilarity comes as participants have to perform some laughter-inducing activities. Players hide spoofing discs in their hands. Other players must guess the number of discs each time. The strategy involves misguiding the guessers. Wrong decisions force players to forfeit cards or do comical activities as punishment.

4. Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity is a hilarious adult party game that will put your sensitivity levels and sketching skills to the test. Essentially, it’s a Pictionary drawing game. There are over 600 provocative things for players to draw. There are also over 100 equally questionable playing cards! Fair warning: This game might be too obscene for sensitive players.

3. Dungeon Lords

Dungeon Lords

Dungeon Lords is sure to please Dungeons & Dragons fans. But this hilarious strategy game puts a twist on traditional dungeon games. Instead of heroes, players become evil dungeon Lords. Players create dungeons, and build rooms, traps, and hire terrifying monsters to protect their abodes. It’s a family-friendly game that’s loads of fun.

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2. Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is an easy-to-play party game that’s one of the funniest ever created. Players have a short time to help teammates guess a word without actually saying it. The imaginative cards deliver tear-inducing laughter. The beeping timer adds tension. Expansion packs can help increase the game’s replayability.

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1. Poetry for Neanderthals

Poetry for Neanderthals

Poetry for Neanderthals is anything but caveman-easy. After drawing a card with a word on it, you try to get your team to guess the word before time runs out. Except you’re only allowed to speak in single syllables. If you break this rule, the other players get to club you over the noggin with an inflatable “NO” stick.

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