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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mario

Whether you’re a diehard gamer or a casual fan, everyone knows Mario. Not only is he the face of the iconic Super Mario series, but he has been a staple in the world of video games for over three decades. 

But, while fans around the globe are familiar with his adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom, there’s still so much people don’t know about the plumber’s persona. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Mario.

Jumpman’s Early Beginnings

Jumpman in Donkey Kong

Did you know Mario didn’t start out as the cheerful plumber we know today? Well, it’s true! In his earliest appearance in Donkey Kong, he was known simply as Jumpman, though he did sport a red cap and overalls.

In fact, it wasn’t until Super Mario Bros in 1985 that he was officially dubbed Mario, named after Mario Segale, Nintendo’s landlord at the time.

Italian Heritage

Super Mario Brothers Super Show
Nintendo of America

Mario’s Italian roots are well-known, but did you know that his creators, Shigeru Miyamoto and Gunpei Yokoi, drew inspiration from their experiences in Italy?

Mario’s love for pasta, his accent, and even his name all reflect his Mediterranean origins. Mario may be a stereotypical Italian, but his traits are at least based in some reality!

He’s Worn Many Hats

Mario as a referee in Punch-Out!!

While Mario is commonly associated with plumbing, his occupation has actually varied over the years.

In fact, in addition to fixing pipes, he’s been depicted as a carpenter, a referee, a doctor, and even a kart racer. Talk about a versatile resume!

Mario and Luigi Are Twins!

Mario and Luigi

Many believe Luigi is Mario’s younger brother, but that’s not the case. Though Luigi often plays second fiddle to Mario, they are actually twins. Fraternal, to be precise, but still twins nonetheless!

And, to be fair to Luigi, he has starred in his own series of games, like Luigi’s Mansion.

Voice Behind the ‘Yahoo!’

Charles Martinet, voice of Mario
Super Festivals via Wikipedia | Nintendo

Who is the man behind the man? Well, as it turns out, Charles Martinet voiced the character of Mario from 1995 until very recently. Martinet now acts as an ambassador for Nintendo, but no longer voices Mario for games.

Martinet’s enthusiastic portrayal has become synonymous with the beloved plumber, capturing his exuberant personality with every “Yahoo!” and “Let’s-a go!”

No Sequel for Americans  

Super Mario Bros. 2

Despite the first Super Mario game being a massive success, Nintendo didn’t end up publishing the original sequel in the United States.

While the sequel was expedited in Japan, Nintendo thought the game would be too difficult for players and too similar to the original. Eventually the sequel was released Stateside as Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels.

Mario’s Got Skills!

Tennis Mario

Mario isn’t just a plumber-turned-adventurer; he’s also a skilled athlete. Whether being a soccer star in Super Mario Strikers or a tennis master in Mario Tennis, he dominates the sporting world with his agility and competitive spirit. Mario really can do it all.

Cameo King

Minecraft Mario

Mario is the star of many games, but he also isn’t one to shy away from a cameo appearance.

In fact, he’s made guest appearances in numerous games outside his own series, including The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, and Skylanders. Who knows where Mario will pop up next!

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Musical Maestro

Musician Mario from Super Mario Bros. Odyssey

OK, so we know Mario is a plumber, a carpenter, and an athlete (among many other things), but he is also a proficient musician!

In games like Mario Paint and Super Mario Maker, players can compose their own tunes using Mario-themed sound effects and instruments.

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From Video Games to the Silver Screen

Mario Bros. Movie 1993
Hollywood Pictures

Mario holds the distinction of being the first video game character to star in his own feature film! The 1993 live-action adaptation of Super Mario Bros brought the beloved plumber and his brother Luigi to the big screen in a surreal, dystopian take on the Mushroom Kingdom.

While the film was met with mixed reviews, it definitely paved the way for future video game adaptations.

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